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National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST)

The National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST) is the apex decision making body that provides directions to the scientific and technological development of the nation. The Commission is headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The NCST functions through the Executive Committee of National Commission for Science and Technology (ECNCST) chaired by the Minister for Science and Technology with Deputy Chairman Planning Commission as its co-chairman. The Secretariat of NCST is established at the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology. The focus of NCST is on the acceleration of scientific and technological capacity building for rapid and sustainable economic growth.

For the first time ever in the history of Pakistan, Science and Technology attracted the political will and an eminent scientist has been appointed as Minister for Science and Technology. The present government has increased the budget of Ministry of Science and Technology from Rs 120 million to Rs 6.0 billion per annum; a 5000 percent increase in the development budget.

Over 300 projects for the development of Science and Technology in general and for the promotion of Information Technology in particular have been launched. This represents a major step forward towards building an indigenous S&T capacity and a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan.

National Commission for Science and Technology NCST, headed by the Prime Minister, is the apex decision-making body for S&T development in Pakistan. The Commission is mandated to meet twice a year. 

  1. Half-yearly review of progress indicating not only the achievements but failures with reference to targets clearly identifying the bottlenecks
  2. Co-ordination of Inter-Ministerial and Inter-provincial Science and Technology Programmes
  3. Ensuring proper linkage of Science and Technology effort with the production sector and development plans
  4. Consideration of Major Projects or Programmes of Science and Technology sector
  5. S&T linkage with International organizations / countries
  6. Promotion of S&T in the country, including funding for R&D and infrastructure

Executive Committee of NCST (ECNCST):

In order to coordinate, oversee and review the S&T Policies and R&D Programmes and implementation of the Policy Decisions taken by the National Commission for Science and Technology, the Executive Committee of the Commission (ECNCST) was constituted.


  1. Consideration of all matters pertaining to Science and Technology and coordination of Research and Development (R&D) policies initiated by various Ministries/Divisions of the Federal Government and S&T Organizations/R&D Institutions.
  2. Overseeing the implementation of policy decisions taken by the National Commission for Science and Technology.
  3. To review from time to time Science and Technology Policy and its effect on production and development sectors.
  4. To provide guidelines for programming of Research and Development activities to various Ministries/Divisions and S&T Organizations/R&D Institutions in the country and to lay down priorities for Research and Development Programmes.
  5. To identify and propose measures for gradual attainment of self-reliance in the field of Science and Technology.
  6. To evaluate the performance in the field of S&T of various Ministries/Divisions of the Government and other S&T Organizations/R&D Institutions from time to time in relation to specific policies and measures for promotion of research and development in Pakistan.
  7. To review annual reports of all major S&T Organizations/R&D Institutions, ECNCST shall meet once in each quarter.

Meetings of ECNCST (4th & 5th Meetings)

In order to prepare agenda and working paper for the 3rd meeting of the National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST), PCST invited proposals from members of PCST, NCST and ECNCST, relevant Ministries, Provincial Departments dealing with the subject of science and technology, major S&T organizations and leading scientists and technologists of the country. The proposals received were carefully examined and preliminary agenda items were short-listed. These agenda items were further examined and discussed in several meetings with the Minister for Science and Technology, Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology and leading scientists and technologists. Based on these meetings and discussions a draft agenda for the 3rd meeting of NCST was prepared by the Council.


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