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Institute of Marine Science

Director: Dr. Rashida Qari (Assoc. Prof.) 

The Institute of Marine Science was established at the University of Karachi in the year 1981. The University by virtue of its location near the coast is the most suitable institution for the development of ocean sciences. The main objective of the Institute is to impart education, training and conduct research in marine ecology, geology, biology, fisheries sciences, biodiversity, mariculture, coastal pollution, mineral resources and coastal management. Higher education and research is required to train skilled manpower for various sectors such as fishery, aquaculture, oil and gas exploration and coastal pollution control. The Institute offers MAS, MS and Ph.D. degree programs. The research work of the Institute are published in National and International Journals, Books and Monographs.
Marine resources of Pakistan are still untapped which must be given due attention to contribute greater share in economic growth of Pakistan. Without requisite expertise in various fields of marine sciences it is not possible to exploit the immense wealth of our productive, rich coastal zone and continental shelf.
A one year (two semesters) program of study is planned leading to M.A.S degree in Marine Science. it is proposed that the courses be so offered that the student may choose any of the two disciplines (M.A.S Biological Oceanography/Fishery Sciences). An interdisciplinary approach is followed to ensure the study of basic disciplines of the marine environment; viz., physical, chemical, biological, geological etc.


PhD Research

1. Dr. Meher Fatima Growth indices, nutritive values, chemical significance of the green mussel Perna viridis.(1996)
2. Dr. Hina Saeed Baig Pharmacological Activities of Sargassum and Study of Associated harmful dinoflagellate in the coastal waters of Pakistan. (2004)
3. Dr. Naeem Ahmed A study of Dynamics of upper high salinity water mass in the Arabian Sea. (2006)
4. Dr. Kherun Nisa Relationship between maturation and biochemical composition in Shrimps (F. penicillatus and F. merguiensis) with particular reference tolipids. (2009)
5. Syed Moazzam Ali Assessment of Sea Water Intrusion in the Vicinity of Tidal Link Drain, LBOD, District Badin, Sindh. (In progress)
6. Zafar Farooqui Studies on mangrove ecosystem with respect to biodiversity productivity and nutrient dynamics.
7. Ms. Fozia Khan Seasonal variation in alginic acid extracted from brown seaweeds of Karachi coast (2009)
MPhil/PhD Research (In progress):

1. Mr. Attaullah Ecology, breeding and conservation of marine turtles at Jiwani.
2. Ms. Saima Haider Seasonal variability and species diversity in macrofaunal assemblages of sandy shore of Karachi coast.
3. Ms. Aijaz Fatima Ecological study of hermit crabs of Karachi coast with emphasis to shell utilization fecundity.
4. Ms. Binish Fatima Population structure and growth of penaeid prawns at Korangi creek with emphasis to Penaeus japonicus Bate.
5. Ms. Rana Manzoor Study of population dynamics of the ocypodid crab Scopimera crabricauda.
6. Ms. Yasmeen Ecological study of Matuta planipes with emphasis to fecundity.
7. Ms. Erum Diversity of green seaweeds along the coast of Karachi.
8. Mr. Mohsin Muzaffar Environmental changes and its impact on sediments of tidal link left bank outfall drain and dhands in its vicinity.
9. Mr. Q.M. Ali Seasonal variation in the abundance of major zooplanktonic groups in Karachi backwater mangroves.
10. Ms. Humaira Altaf Biogeography and community structure of the decapod crustacean fauna of Karachi coast.
MAS Research (undertaken):
  • Trash fishes from Karachi coast.
  • Fauna of rocky pools.
  • Relative growth in three species of oysters.
  • Allometric relationship in the mussel Perna viridis.
  • Sabellid worms of Karachi coast.
  • Distribution of caratenoid pigments in seaweeds.
  • Brachyuran larvae found in the planktons of the Karachi coast.
  • Lateral variations in the beach sediments and coastal rocks along the coast of Karachi.
  • Biochemical studies of edible crabs from Karachi coast.
  • Bio-ecology of molluscan wood-borers from Karachi mangroves.
  • Morpho-taxonomy of the echinoderms of northern Arabian Sea.
  • Morpho-taxonomy of the cephalopods.
  • Study of major planktonic groups occurring in Karachi backwater.
  • Systematic study of carrant polychaetes from Karachi coast.
  • Polychatea sedentaria of Karachi coast.
  • A textural study of beaches sands of Karachi coast.
  • Biochemical deteriorative changes and micro biological spoilage of fish – A review.
  • Checklist of Malacostraca of Pakistan.
  • Biochemical and growth study of Cellana radiata from Karachi coast.
  • Production of marine fish and shrimp in Pakistan during 1971 to 1984 and its relation to rainfall

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