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New Chemistry Books for Free Download

New Chemistry Books for Free Download
This week we planned to upload all these chemistry books given below on Free Science Books website ( There are already 115+ well-known chemistry books are available for free download. After uploading of 40 more chemistry books on Free Science Books, the total number of chemistry books will become 155+. A great collection of chemistry books.

Titles of Books with Writers' Names
  1. Acid Trips and Chemistry By Cam Cloud
  2. Analysis and Purification Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry By Bing Yan
  3. Burger's Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Volume 1 (Sixth Edition) Edited by Donald J. Abraham
  4. Chemical and Process Design Handbook by James G. Speight
  5. Chemistry & Technology of Fabric Preparation & Finishing By Dr. Charles Tomasino
  6. Chemistry Essentials for Dummies By John T. Moore
  7. Chemistry Experiments By Pamela Walker and Elaine Wood
  8. Chemistry Fundamentals Handbook
  9. Chemistry in the Laboratory 7th edition By James M. Postma
  10. Chemistry Of Spices By Villupanoor A. Parthasarathy
  11. Chiral Separation Techniques 2nd edition by G. Subramanian
  12. Chromatographic Analysis of Environmental and Food Toxicants By Takayuki
  13. Chromatographic Methods 5th Edition by A. Braithwaite
  14. Complete Textile Glossary by Celanese Acetate
  15. Computational chemistry - A practical guide for applying techniques to real-world problems  David C. Young
  16. Coulson & Richardson’s Chemical Engineering
  17. Dean’s Analytical Chemistry Handbook 2nd Edition by Pradyot Patnaik
  18. Encyclopedia of Chromatography by Jack Cazes
  19. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Named Processes in Chemical Technology by Alan E.Comyns
  20. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers By Jan W. Gooch
  21. Essential Practical NMR for Organic Chemistry By S. A. Richard
  22. Food Analysis By HPLC 2nd Edition - Leo M. L Nollet
  23. Food Chemicals Codex 5th Edition  by Committee On Food Chemicals Codex
  24. Food Chemistry 4th Edition by Belitz, W. Grosch, P. Schieberle
  25. Foye,s Principles of Medicinal Chemistry
  26. Gas Chromatography 2nd Edition by Ian A. Fowlis
  27. Introduction to Spectroscopy By Pavia 4th Edition
  28. Laboratory Experiments For General , Organic and Biochemistry 4th edition by Bettelheim and Landesberg
  29. Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students By David C. Finster
  30. Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products by Xiao-Tian Liang, Wei-Shuo Fang
  31. Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry By Pietro Tundo
  32. Modern Analytical Chemistry by David Harvey
  33. Named Organic Reactions By Thomas Laue and Andreas Plagens
  34. Organic Chemistry By Richard F. Daley and Sally J. Daley
  35. Organic Synthesis the Disconnection Approach 2nd Edition by Stuart Warren
  36. Physical and Chemical Data
  37. Scale-Up in Chemical Engineering by Marko Zlokarnik
  38. Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry 6th edition By James N. Miller, Jace C. Miller
  39. The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis Vol 4 By Daniel Lendicer
  40. Understanding NMR Spectroscopy by James Keeler
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You can also download other than chemistry, science books. Subjects includes:

If you have any science book(s) you may share with us and we'll upload that book on Free Science Books, so that book will be available for others.

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