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Arid Zone Research Centre, Quetta

Arid Zone Research Centre, Quetta
Twenty million heads of sheep and goats in Balochistan constitute more than one-third of small ruminant population of Pakistan. These animals are the major livestock wealth of the Province that covers 34.7 million hectares, almost 44% of country’s land area. More than 80% people of the Province derive their livelihood directly or indirectly from small ruminant production. But these animals are underfed because of low forage availability in quantity and quality on the ranges and their overall productivity is very low. The major constraints in increasing small ruminants productivity are the harsh climate with low and erratic rainfall, cold winters and hot summers. Other constraints include poor flock management, animal diseases and health problems, lack of sufficient infrastructure, land tenure system and the rangeland management and control problems. The research work at AZRC for improving output of small ruminants’ production operations is being conducted in the light of this scenario.


Mailing Address
Arid Zone Research Centre
Brewery Road, P.O. Box. 63 
Quetta, Pakistan 

Phone: 0092-81-9213286 / 7

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