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Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority

The nuclear regulatory infrastructure has been in place since 1965, when the first research reactor PARR-I was commissioned. The nuclear regulatory regime further improved when the first nuclear power plant was commissioned in 1971 at Karachi . A nuclear safety and licensing division was established in PAEC HQ which functioned as the de facto regulatory body till it was upgraded to " Directorate of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection" (DNSRP) after the promulgation of Pakistan Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Ordinance 1984.
Pakistan signed the International Convention on Nuclear Safety in 1994, as a result of which, it became obligatory on the part of the Government of Pakistan to establish an independent nuclear regulatory body entrusted with the implementation of the legislative and regulatory framework governing nuclear power and radiation use in the country, and further to separate the regulatory functions from the promotional aspects of the nuclear programme. As a transitory measure Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Board (PNRB), within PAEC was established to oversee the regulatory affairs. Complete seperation of promotion and regulatory functions and responsibilities was acheived in 2001 , when the President of Pakistan promulgated the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Ordinance No.III of 2001.
Consequently, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) was created, dissolving the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Board and Directorate of Nuclear Safety & Radiation Protection. It established PNRA as a competent and independent body for the regulation of nuclear safety, radiation protection, transport and waste safety in Pakistan, and also empowered it to determine the extent of civil liability for damage resulting from any nuclear incident.
The Authority devises, adopts, makes and enforces such rules, regulations, orders or codes of practice for nuclear safety and radiation protection as may, in its opinion, be necessary. It plans, develops and executes comprehensive policies and programmes for the protection of life, health and property against the risk of ionizing radiation, and regulates the radiation safety aspects of:
Exploitation of any radioactive ore; Production, import, export, transport, possession, processing, reprocessing, use, sale, transfer, storage or disposal of nuclear substance, radioactive material or any other substance as the Authority may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify; and Equipment used for production, use or application of nuclear energy for generation of electricity; or any other uses.

Director General (C)
P.O. Box # 1912
Tel: 051- 9263017
Fax:  051-9263007

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