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Pak-Swiss Training Centre, Karachi

Pak-Swiss Training Centre, Karachi
In response to the need arising from the expansion of industrial sector in the late 60s, Pak-Swiss Training Centre (PSTC) was established in 1965 through Swiss Collaboration to develop specialized technical resource in Precision Mechanics and Instrumentation, its technical training program follows Swiss technical training methodology which is unique blend of practical and theory meeting requirements for award of this specialized Diploma. This venture has been a phenomenal success due to high demand of its trained technical resource in the industry. Due to its high standards and recognition the trained manpower has played their role in national development and hence has fulfilled the objective to provide properly trained technical resource for capacity building of local Industry. 

Mailing Address
Pak-Swiss Training Centre, Karachi
Campus PCSIR Labs. Complex,
Off University Road,
Karachi-75280, Pakistan

Phone: 0092-21-34641962 to 63

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