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Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture

Nestled in the suburbs of historical city of Peshawar, which is one of the Asia’s most important cross-roads and a crucible in which many cultures have made their contributions, the institute is located on the national highway at a distance of 15 kilometers east from the city of Peshawar. The campus is adjacent to provincial agriculture related institutes like the Directorate of Agricultural Engineering as well as the Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab, Peshawar.
In NIFA, the main focus of research is on the development of improved techniques for increasing the yield of important food crops and the development of the package of technologies for extending the storage life of cereals, fruits and vegetables produced in the country by the use of nuclear and other relevant techniques.
The institute holds the promise of making significant contributions towards improving agriculture production in the country, passing economic benefits to farmers and striving to share in the efforts to make the country self-reliant and self-sufficient in agricultural commodities.

Nifa has well trained, qualified and experienced scientists in the field of Food and Agriculture. For the betterment of general public, following consultancy services are available in this Institute on demand
  • Experimental designs and statistical analyses
  • Designing of Food Processing Machinery
  • Drying of Fruits and vegetables
  • Extrusion Cooking
  • Food Preservation by conventional and Combination Techniques
  • Food Preservation by irradiation
  • General Crop Protection from Insect Attack
  • Human nutrition
  • Mushroom cultivation  
  • Poultry feed formulation
  • Poultry feed irradiation for decontamination
  • Seed Cleaning/Grading
  • Seed Processing Machinery
  • Soil testing for micro and macro nutrients 
  • Termite control in buildings and crops
  • Using Trichogramma as a biological control agent 
  • Annual training course on “Use of Nuclear and Other Techniques in Food and Agricultural Research
  • Annual training course on Food Science & Nutrition for Army Officers
  • 2-week special training course on “Radiation Protection & Safety Measures in the Use of Radiation in Agriculture 
  • Applications of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes in Food, Agriculture and Medicines 

Postal address :
Nuclear Institute for Food & Agriculture (NIFA)
PO BOX 446, Peshawar

Phone:    2964064,2964060-2

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