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Pakistan Physical Society

Pakistan Physical Society

In 1986, Dr. G. Murtaza and Dr. A. H. Nayyar at QAU Islamabad organized a National Symposium on Frontiers in Physics (Jan 26-30, 1986) on the occasion of Prof. Abdus Salam’s 60th Birthday which fell on 29th January.
This Symposium was the first of its kind in Pakistan and brought together the physics community to share knowledge about latest developments in different areas of interest. Apart from technical sessions, there were some special sessions of general interest. One was devoted to highlight the services rendered by Prof. Abdus Salam to the cause of development of science in the Third World in general and in Pakistan in particular.

There was a general feeling among the participants that the Symposium has offered the first ever occasion to physicists to discuss, apart from the Frontiers in Physics, the general state of physics teaching and research.

A number of recommendations were made. Among others, it was proposed that a professional society of physicists be set up with the objectives to promote physics education and research in the country and to act as a ‘think tank’ on matters to science and education.

Fortunately this proved to be the First of a Series which has continued over the years. Dr. G. Murtaza and Dr. A. H. Nayyar took up that responsibility and launched the Society formally and got it registered in March 1990.


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