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National Institute of Health

National Institute of Health is one of the most prestigious institutions of the country involved in multi disciplinary public health related activities like diagnostic services, research and production of biologicals for the last more than 40 years.
The idea of establishing a National Health Center (NHC) was conceived in early 1960's, which started functioning in 1965 at Islamabad, near Rawal Lake, 10 kilometers from zero point. Various independently working organizations like Bureau of Laboratories, Directorate of Nutrition Survey and some other health related research organizations were shifted to NHC. Later on all these independently working departments were integrated and designated as National Health laboratories (NHL - Islamabad).
This organization was given the status of an autonomous organization as National Institute of Health (NIH) under the Ministry of Health (MoH) through a presidential ordinance XLIII of 1980, to facilitate international and regional collaboration, seek technical assistance and participate in global disease control programs more effectively.
Since its emergence as an autonomous organization, it has made numerous developments in the field of laboratory diagnosis, biological manufacturing, food and drug quality control, research & development and training facilities. The institute is actively involved in the laboratory and field investigation of infectious diseases including the etiology and epidemiology. Emphasis has also been laid on human resource development and capacity building for the benefit of the institute in particular and benefit of the public in general.
The institute is a WHO collaborating center for viral diagnostics and regional reference laboratory for Polio in addition to being a national reference center for diagnosis of Influenza. It also works as the National Appellate Laboratory for quality control of drugs and is the public analyst laboratory for the quality control of food for the federal territory, Islamabad. NIH also conducts numerous international, regional and national seminars, symposia and other related activities. 

1 To advise the Federal Government on the control of diseases by suitable methods
2 To implement all the schemes and proposals approved by the Federal Government for it
3 To investigate epidemics and other communicable diseases and to conduct research on these problems using modern techniques and achieve excellence in this behalf and to collaborate with other concerned agencies under the Federal Government or the provincial Governments
4 To develop methodology and standardize techniques for the investigation of various diseases prevalent in the country.
5 To dissipate these techniques to the people working in the profession by holding training courses
6 To develop an Institute of Tropical Diseases for Research and Training
7 To function as National Type Culture Collection Centre (NTCC)
8 To develop a National Virus Reference Center
9 To conduct research and training in community medicine and health services development
10 To control environment with special reference to air, water & food pollution
11 To analyze and test the quality of drugs and act as the laboratory for the purpose of sub-section (5) of section 22 of the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976)
12 To function as sole producer of vaccines and sera for prophylactic and therapeutic use and acquire capability of meeting domestic and foreign demands
13 To conduct research on traditional system of medicine and to collaborate with the international agencies
14 To impart training in drug analysis
15 To collaborate with the WHO in quality control of drugs
16 To conduct research on applied nutrition like Clinical Nutrition and food analysis and undertake nutrition education programs.
17 To advise the Federal Govt. in developing food standards and pure food laws in collaboration with the international agencies like the WHO and the FAO
18 To train medical laboratory technicians and technologists
19 To undertake repair and maintenance of sophisticated electro-medical equipment for other institutions on agreed terms and conditions
20 To function as a source of supply of small laboratory animals for use in research and other fields on agreed terms and conditions
21  To perform such other functions related to the matters aforesaid as the Board may decide with the approval of the Federal Government.
22 The Institute may, with the approval of the Federal Government, on behalf of a Provincial Government perform functions relating to research and investigation on health problems on such terms and conditions which may be agreed upon between the Institute and such Government.

Dr. Birjees Mazher Kazi
Executive Director, NIH
Tel: (051) 9255117
Fax: (051) 9255099, 9255125

National Institute of Health   Islamabad
Tel: (051) 9255110, 9255112-4 ; 9255090-4
Fax: (051) 9255099

Epidemic Investigation Cell (EIC)
Public Health Laboratories Division National Institute of Health, Islamabad
Tel: 051- 9255237
Fax: 051 9255575

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