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National Centre for Physics


The National Centre for Physics has been established to promote research in Physics and allied disciplines in the country and the region.
NCP will evolve into a centre of excellence in the field of Physics and related emerging disciplines on the lines of Abdus Salam – International Centre for Theoretical Physics (AS-ICT), Trieste, Italy.
To break the isolation of Pakistani researchers from the international scientific community and to establish links between industry & research institutes for the development of society & intellectual growth.
The objectives of NCP are:
  • To identify and undertake/pursue high-level research projects and expand existing expertise
  • To act as national and international  user facility
  • To strengthen the local industry through collaborative R&D
  • To act as an entity for acquisition, generation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge
  • To raise the standard of research at par with international norms of productivity and originality
  • To create an international forum for the exchange of scientific information through comprehensive courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and visitors program in Physics and allied disciplines
NCP Progress (Year wise)
A total of seventy-four (74) research papers have been published in 2010 in International Journals having impact factors. Besides research papers, two US patents were also registered by NCP. Department wise number of publications and patents are given as follows:
Sr. No
2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Theoretical Physics

          Plasma Physics
17 12
          Particle Physics
07 01 03
          Laser Physics
- 02 01
          Quantum Physics
01 - 01
2 Nano Sciences & Catalysis 05 08 17 08
3 Vacuum Science and Technology 01 03 03 -
4 Electrostatic Accelerator - - 04 14
5 Experimental High Energy Physics - - - 35
  Total 12 28 44 74
2007 2008 2009 2010
Registered in USA/Europe 01 02 03 02
Published Books
A book entitled “Microbial Biodegradation” authored by Syed Tajammul Hussain, Sarfaraz Ahmad and Muhammad Farrukh Nisar, published in USA by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing Co.
The National Centre for Physics (NCP) started its scientific activities on January 27, 1999 by holding a one day symposium on Frontiers of Fundamental Physics. NCP was inaugurated by Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, on May 16, 2000. The Director General of CERN, Professor L. Maiani and distinguished members of his delegation, the Vice Chancellor of Quaid-i-Azam University, Dr. Tariq Saddiqui and other dignitaries, witnessed the inauguration.
The Centre has however obtained its Charter from the Government of Pakistan in April 2004. Now it is an autonomous body funded by the Government of Pakistan. It would have its own building in July 2006 with resident facilities for short term, long term visitors and to various participants in its activities. Two advisory committees, namely
which have already been constituted, guide the scientific and academic proceedings of the Centre.
The first meeting of the NASPC was held on January 18, 2005. The vision and future programs of the NCP were discussed. The assistance of NASPC for appointments of physicists of the country as associates of the centre was emphasized. 
The main objective of the Centre is to raise the standard of Physics at par with international norms of productivity and originality, and to act as an entity for acquisition, generation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge in frontiers of physics for Universities and Research and Development (R&D) organizations covering the following broad areas of physics:
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Fluid Mechanics and Plasma Physics
  • Atomic and Laser Physics
  • Advanced Computing for Scientific Research, Mathematical Modeling and Simulations
NCP hopes to break the isolation by offering Pakistani physicists an opportunity to work with world class scientists who are invited to lecture and also to participate in the Centre's research activities on a regular basis.

Shahdrah Valley Road, Islamabad - 44000 - Pakistan
Phone: 00-92-51-2077300
Fax:     00-92-51-2077393, 00-92-51-2077395

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