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Pakistan Journal of Chemistry

Pakistan Journal of Chemistry
The Pakistan Journal of Chemistry (ISSN: 2220-2625), is an official international journal dedicated to studying the latest advancements in new information, knowledge, scientific developments and applications of the global warming, environmental exhaustment, green house effects, natural resource depletion, organometallic complexes, computational analysis, chemical biology, analytical chemistry, forensic science, industrial chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical safety, biophysical chemistry, agricultural chemistry, chemical physics, cheminformatics and bioinformatics, natural product chemistry, theoretical chemistry, cosmetic chemistry, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, material science and nanotechnology, petroleum chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical education, new era of biotechnology as well as all related aspects of chemistry contributing in biology, physics and microbiology. 


Mailing Address
Department of Chemistry,
University of Karachi, 
Karachi-75270, Pakistan.

Phone: N/A

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