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National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS)

It’s a chronological fact that ‘science and technology’ has revolutionized the mode of living of mankind since its emergence, it has took humans from dark caves of ignorance and bewilderment to the resplendent and luminous horizons where skyscrapers are his astonishing creations and space race is his saga. Science has developed vigorously over a couple of last centuries .Every developed and future conscious country eyes for a better and improved science and technology infrastructure to meet the needs of time efficiently and progressively. ‘Science and technology’ is the fastest growing field that changes every instant i.e. research done on one day becomes outdated the other day. Thus, to keep updated with latest discoveries, inventions and trends regarding research; many countries including India, China, and Malaysia are seriously working for the advancement of S & T by setting up ‘science and tech. organizations’. Infect science and technology advancement in country through collaboration of brainy, inventive and perceptive scientists (researchers/professionals) and scholars is the hallmark of flourished countries.

In Pakistan, there exist a bunch of private as well as public sector organizations functioning for their respective cause, but unfortunately there are very few of them which are working in above mentioned area and a lot of work still has to be done in that particular field. Therefore, to fill that massive vacuum, a team of highly professional, learned and dedicated researchers, professionals, Post Doc. Scientists, academicians and scholars from various reputed universities and industries all around Pakistan laid the foundation for a truly distinctive scientific organization with a pure academic motive namely NAYS (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF YOUNG SCIENTISTS). This science body is currently headed by Dr. Anwar Nasim (Advisor COMSTECH), who is the Patron of NAYS. Moreover the role of established overseas Pakistani scientists (professionals/ researchers) and scholars in NAYS is indispensable. They are not only part of NAYS but also amongst executives of it. NAYS is a combined platform for both local scientists (researchers/professionals) and overseas Pakistani scholars; their collaboration and knowledge sharing can bring Pakistan parallel to international standards.

NAYS is the torchbearer in mobilizing young scientists (researchers/professionals) and scholars at a platform by providing them an environment where they can collaborate and exchange their fruitful innovative ideas and information in multidisciplinary science domains with an advisor council that includes crew of highly qualified professors for their guidance. It is helpful for young researchers for further research, to enrich their knowledge and to prove their flair in research oriented subjects. Moreover, NAYS firmly believes that engaging young scientists (researchers / professionals) and utilizing their capabilities by better orientation, improvisation and execution would definitely bring a remarkable boom of science and technology in Pakistan.

NAYS is destined to promote the research culture in Pakistan by killing the huge gap between academia and industry and bringing them close to each other. Thus, the close interaction of inter academia as well as collaboration with young local scientists (researchers/professionals) and Pakistani researchers conducting their research in foreign countries will not only be helpful in spreading awareness and molding public’s aptitude towards science, but also beneficial in effective translation of research into viable implementations and yielding of useful products.

NAYS is also forefront to wipe out differential features among organizational setup of S&T scholars and the prestigious National Scientific organizations (e.g. Pakistan Academy of Sciences, ; Pakistan Council for Science & Technology, ; and Pakistan Science Foundation, ).

NAYS is not only an invulnerable source of knowledge and information regarding science, but it also keeps updated with latest jobs and scholarships as it also intends to become a hub for industries for their recruitment. The industry-academia link developed by NAYS proves to be a bridge between young scientists (researchers/professionals) with industry.

NAYS welcomes all young scientists (researchers /professionals) and scholars to be a part of this science community and join hands to contribute to its noble cause. We solemnly request young fellow researchers and professionals to be a part of NAYS to boost up science related activities in Pakistan and register its name amongst ‘science and technology giants’ of the world. Already more than 500 indigenous as well as overseas Pakistani (researchers/professionals) and scholars have joined NAYS and are absorbing most out of it. 

1- Coordination among the young scientists to promote Science
NAYS will provide the opportunities to coordinate with Pakistani young scientists working overseas to share knowledge and experience and to keep young scientists update with latest research work in different disciplines of science. Forum will organize meetings and conferences to promote awareness in common public of Pakistan about Science and Scientific work in Pakistan and solve problem of young scientists. Further academy will launch Newsletter with latest news in science and technology
2- Coordination of the academia and industry for the welfare of society
Academy will make efforts to get funding from national and international agencies to promote research work in Pakistan by establishing coordination among academia and industry.
Forum will encourage young scientists to take part in Research work and play their role for society and nation and also it will highlight scientific problem in country and to work for their solution in coordination with Government of Pakistan.
3- To develop link with Electronic Media of Pakistan for fast spread of information and knowledge.

4- To start Newsletter with latest news in science and technology.
President NAYS
Aftab Ahmad

Chief Coordinator NAYS
Zaighum Abbas
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